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Make TODAY beautiful because yesterday is already gone and tomorrow hasn't arrived yet!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is what happens!

See what happens when you post the "important" stuff in your life on facebook? Lol! You go MONTHS without posting on your blog. And most likely everyone has given up on me and decided to quit reading this. So........I'm just posting for me tonight. Cause I feel like typing.

It's been a rough few weeks. Needless to say, I'm not even able to sleep on my own anymore. Sad really. But I'm doing my best to breathe and keep focusing on the positives like I've tried to do throughout my life.

The most positive thing right now is that FINALLY.....after over a month........everything in the house is finished (except my closet). Termite ppl are coming out tomorrow to get started on the external situations and then we are slotted for Dec to get the place tented. Not really looking forward to moving family, dogs, fish, food and plant (yes single, lone, plant) out for a couple days..but I will do what is needed. Especially when we are just getting settled into the newly remodeled place after dealing with a "nice" water leak and massive amounts of termite damage (yea, like almost falling thru my closet into the bathroom type termite damage)....but's OK! At least we will be at "peace" knowing the little buggers are deceased. Because just this past week...guess what I found coming out of my new bathroom ceiling????!!!! Yup! Those lil buggers had already begun to eat away. Stanky lil things.

Another positive is that the littlest of the clan made it thru strep and mono quicker than what the doc figured and is doing fantabulous.......AND........none of the other family members got it. And I'm really grateful for that. It was rough watching someone so little endure mono. Ugh. And to top it all off.....they are enjoying piano, tap, kinder dance, ballet and a few other things that I can never remember. Lol!

The oldest two in the clan are doing well in thespians and have tried out for the school's musical drama that will be going on this year. (Of which they are really excited) And Jellybug was told by the tryout teacher today that she had a beautiful voice. She came home pretty stoked about that. The oldest has been walking around for days singing and walking like the tin man and scarecrow due to the fact that he was trying out for both said parts. :)

The middle two are recent members in the school band and I've been enjoying hearing our very own Squidward practice an "E", "C", and "D", and the other middle one learn the same keys on the trumpet. I'm proud of ALL of our kids and am so excited at how they have adapted to a new school and how God has blessed them with many talents and abilities. It's so exciting to watch them grow.

Sometimes in life it seems as if the other things, the more pronounced things in fact, are handed to ya quicker than what ya feel is doable. This has been the way of it recently And I've been reading allot of quotes and verses on uplifting the heart and how God "has our backs". One thing I know for certain....I'm a blessed woman with a hubby who does his best, kids that mean the world to me and make me laugh, a home to take shelter in from the weather and even from the "fears", food to nibble at, a vehicle that gets me where I need to go, clothes to cover me, books to read (wait....I don't have time to read books!), a computer to get on whenever I feel like rambling, and on and on the list goes!!! Blessed!!!!

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