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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Friend

I hear your pain, I feel that tear....

Feelings. Raw emotions. Hearts aching. Questions of if the hurdle will ever be crossed.

It's sad really....but right now I can name quite a few people that I'm friends with that are going thru the above words. And I ache for them and wish I could fix everything. But I can't. 

But you know what I CAN do? I can talk to my Friend about it all. You see, my Friend is the best Friend anyone can have. He's not biased......He loves everybody. He's not critical........He cares about even the smallest thing. He doesn't fault me for having a hurting heart when I'm talking to Him about my friends' hurting hearts........because He himself had a hurting heart.  He doesn't get upset at me for crying over a friend's pain.........He himself cried for His dear friends. He doesn't care when I say I just don't understand why my hurting friends are going through stuff when they've already been through so much.....He himself asked His Father why He'd been forsaken.

How comforting to have a Friend such as He! He's been there!!

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