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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Hug!!

There are so many types of hugs out there, aren't there? I mean, you have your socially acceptable hugs....the "unfeeling" have those "family hugs".... you have the been-away-from-you-for-so-long hug-that-I'm-never-letting-you-go-hug...and the list goes on and on. :)

But have you ever gotten a hug that just seemed to heal all the hurts and sorrows right away? I've gotten some of those and they are some of the best. But the greatest hug I have ever received was the one I got last night. It was not a good fact I was hurting pretty badly. Yeah...I'm not one to post about that stuff so lets get on to the point. Laying in bed I was praying and asking God to help me cause I wanted to let everything go and just sleep. And yet it wouldn't leave. All I wanted was that hug.....that "I'm going to take your pain and hold you until it's gone" hug. But everyone was asleep.

I'm not a "wallow in my misery" type person and yet the shadow of pain was hanging onto me pretty thick. So I did what I've been told all my life I could do.....ask God to be that friend that would step in and ease the pain. Sure I've always prayed for God to be with me and to help in circumstances or situations and I'm proof that God does exactly that. But this time I said, God, I'm aching right now and there's no one to ease that ache and I just don't feel I can take any more of it. All I want is a hug and yet there's no one here to hug me. I feel like I just want to lay down on Your lap and have Your hand on my head, patting me like a little girl.....telling me it will be ok. God, will You please hug me?

As soon as I had prayed this, I literally felt this warmth go across me and it was as if my heart had been pulled out of my chest, dipped in Christ's love and returned to me. I immediately relaxed and that's the last thing I remember. I can honestly say....I got a "God hug" last night. And it is a moment I will cherish forever. Maybe it means nothing to you....and maybe you scoff as you read this.....but I will hold onto this and thank God that He cares about the little girl in me that just wanted a heal-me-hug last night and for the fact that I didn't have to beg and plead for it.....He simply gave.

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