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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby or Dentist? BABY!!!

I'm sure you gathered by that title that I just endured a trip to the dentist! And yes....even after having 5 kids....I'd still rather have more and more babies than go to another dentist. Pretty sad to admit...but it's the truth. Unfortunately I was "blessed" with the inability to get numb by dentists and so any work done is a true ordeal of which I dread. The last few times I've went to the dentist my blood pressure went up to 136/120 because of my nerves and it sent them into a tizzy. Lol! So, here's a  retelling of the last few days for ya to laugh at.

Aside from not being able to get numb, I've also been "blessed" with very soft teeth and out of the 32 teeth I'm supposed to have...I only have 9 left on the bottom and 13 on top. 3 of those missing got pulled yesterday. NOT a good experience. I informed this new dentist that I was going to try the free Valium offered in hopes of keeping my nerves calm so my blood pressure didn't sky rocket because of the inability of dentists to numb me and no, I didn't want the laughing gas due to the extra cost of $55. He looked at me (sweet man, really) and said, Well honey, I'm going to give you the laughing gas for free cause I can see you're nervous and don't you worry a bit about me not being able to get you numb cause I've been doing this for over 20 years and have never had a problem numbing anyone.

Bahahahaha! Funny.....I've heard those words so many times. He gives me the pill, the gas and the shots, walks out and 5 minutes later comes back. "You feel ok, honey?" Yea. "Are you numb?" Just my right side. " should be numb on each side the same. I'm going to give you another shot." (At which he proceeds to do and walks out again. Comes back in a few minutes) "You are numb the same on each side now right?" No. "Well let's start working and we'll see how it goes."

He starts on the right side. I feel it. Not badly...but enough that I flinched. "Ok, I'm going to give you some more Novocaine." He waits for a little bit and then goes back to the pulling out of 2 teeth on the right side. I didn't mind the pain as it was only a smidge. And then he goes for the left side. I jerked so bad from the pain that I came up off the chair, tears rolled down my face and his hand flew out of my mouth and he proclaimed, "I've NEVER had this happen before, honey, I'm so sorry. I don't know what else to do because I've already given you 7 shots." He and his assistant talked and he said the only thing he could do now was put me to sleep but since I'd eaten (to prevent upset stomach from the pill) he couldn't do it and that tooth had to come out. He gave me 2 more shots right into the broken tooth and then went for it. I was crying by this time and gripping the arms of the chair so hard that by the time he was done my hands were molded into the shape of the arm and the dental assistant was crying, too. They both apologized profusely and she went to get Troll out of the waiting room. By the time he got back there I was shaking so bad I could barely hold the cup she'd given me to take some Motrin with. The dentist came back in and apologized over and over and told Troll he felt awful and maybe he'd been cocky because he hears people tell him all the time that they can't be numbed and he's always succeeded. The assistant was still crying as she apologized, too, and said she'd never seen that happen to this dentist.

By the time I got home, my face was twice it's normal size and I hurt SO badly. (And dentists always ask me why I wait so long before I get work done. HA!!! I wonder why??) Next day I get up, throbbing head, aching face and feeling pretty low down yucky. I managed to get the kids to school and came home and fell into bed. I wake up around 11 to the phone ringing. I hear this man on the answering machine saying that he was "such and such" from Troll's work place calling about his injury. WHAT????? Naturally I freak out. I tried calling Troll. No answer. I tried calling his work and get the automated list of which button to push for which division. Then my phone starts beeping in a call from Troll. What happened? Where are you? Are you ok?

He was fine and on his way home. Something had broke and fell on him and because of it he had to go to ER for an xray. Just a sprain...nothing broken....and the doctor said he couldn't go back to work until Friday. Shew!! Yup, I had some tears flying down my face cause it's not the greatest thing to get woken up by a voice asking for your husband who had had an injury at work and you don't know what the injury is or when it happened or where he is! Lol!

And top the day off....I go to walk into our kitchen (which is tile flooring) and stepped into a pile of water that our Great Dane had let spill out of her massive mouth and lips while drinking and I went down in a heap. More tears went flying as I bent my wrist backwards and did a most un-ladylike twisted split. Troll, who was sleeping on the couch from the effects of his medicine, came flying up like a mad man saying, "Bob!! What are you doing? You ok?" What was I supposed to say......I'm mopping up this puddle of dog drool with my backside? LOL!!!

Today we are sore but alive!!! And aside from the inch long gash I have on the left side of my mouth, the fact that I am tired of eating mashed potatoes, pudding and yogurt.........I'm happy and content!! And Jelly informed me last night that its high time she gets bubble wrap and puts her parents in it! :)


Christa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dental experiences! I've had a lot of dental work, too, but at least they can numb me. I can't imagine having it done otherwise.

I hope you heal quickly and that nothing else bad happens! :)

Dr. Brent Herrin said...

Kudos! Dental visits can get tough, as the treatments can incise and the pains can escalate. Nothing something to be too stressed about though, given that there are dental clinics out there, or even at the nearest vicinity.

Dr. Brent Herrin