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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers's Day!!


That first little flutter of movement that lets you know your life is about to change..... what an indescribable moment. Your heart beats a little bit faster as your mind says, "was that just my imagination or was that really the baby?". Then the flutter happens again and your heart just smiles. I've been blessed to experience that first little flutter 5 times and I must say....I will never forget it.

Time goes on and those flutters become movements strong enough that daddy can feel them. And then strong enough that your pushing back at that protruding elbow or foot to try to get a little bit of breathing room. Lol!! I well remember those times of thinking surely the "offending" limb was going to pop right out of my stomach!

Then the moment when you hear that first little cry as the doc lays the precious bundle of joy up on your chest so mommy gets the first chance to meet him/her! Course mommy has already created such a sweet bond with the little person as she's carried him/her for the past 9 months. Tears. Smiles. More tears.....and then those precious words of "hey little one...I'm your mommy...welcome to the family". Again...I will say how blessed I am as a mom to have been able to carry and give birth to 5 wonderful little people that are still making me cry and smile.....sometimes both at the same time as their humor and sarcasm has strengthened beyond anyone's imagination. (to the point where I'm wondering if Depends might be in my near future!!! Lol!!)

God blessed me with children...but God has also blessed me with a caring, compassionate mother that would give me her last penny if she thought it would help. I'm thankful He has also blessed me by allowing me to still have her in my life...that just knowing she's there if I need her is something I'm not going to take for granted as I know there are allot of people and friends in my life that no longer have their mother. Have we always gotten along? Of course not!! We ARE human after all with two very different opinions! Lol!! But I won't be guilty of being unthankful for who she is as a person or for taking her for granted by thinking she will always be there. You look back on times when you probably didn't recognize that sacrifices being made...but now as a see exactly what was happening. Many times mom sacrificed for us kids and I'm thankful for that. There were many times Mom and I would laugh til it hurt....and I would know what to say to get her to laugh harder and that always made me feel like I'd conquered the world. There were allot of times I watched quietly while mom would pinch and scrape to throw a meal together out of nothing and there was no complaint from her....THANK YOU for that as I've had allot of those times as a mom myself when I stood in the pantry and wondered what I was going to feed my family. She taught me a good work ethic, how to make others feel appreciated by going above and beyond, and how to cook, garden, can, sew and take care of kids. Thank-you, Marmaduke, for all did/do as a mom. I love you!!
My mom, Jo, or affectionately called (by me) Marmaduke!
My mom-in-law, Alesa aka.......Wheezer.
God also gave me a mom-in-law! What do ya know about that! Lol!! I've heard horror stories from other people on how tough it was to deal with the mother in law and how much trauma was brought on the family. Yeah, we've had our moments....cause again....we're are two separate individuals with separate ideas. BUT...I can honestly say that I have a good relationship with my mom-in-law and I'm thankful for that. We've had our bumps and stumbles cause after all...I "took" her baby! Lol!! My parents always taught us to respect people. I've learned that with respect comes trust...and with trust comes love. Maybe at first I was looked at as the "woman who stole my son" (come on you mom's out there who have had that thought that no one is good enough for your little boy!) but I feel I'm looked at now as "the woman who gave birth to my wonderful grandkids that I love very much and who has made my son a better man" (those words were spoken by her...not don't fear I'm being proud!) LOL. We recently had the fun of having Wheezer in our home for a week and let me tell was full of many laughs as she took out her teeth for the grandkids, was tormented over how gullible she is and laughed at for how long she wanted to sleep in the mornings when our family is usually up and at em between 6-8 a.m. (I'm sure she ended up going home and sleeping a full week to recoop!!) I'm very thankful for my mom-in-law cause were it not for her...I'd not have the wonderful hubby that I'm married to. both the women in my life....who are my "mom 1" and "mom 2"....thank-you for what you did and have done to better MY life and the lives of my family! Happiest of Mother's Days to you both. If it were possible...I'd make you both the best meal you've ever had and the prettiest cake you could ever dream of. But I guess since that isn't will just have to accept my cyber hugs and kisses and thanks! Love you!!

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