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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


So last night....I had one of those "I'm a diabolical mom" moments!! You of those moments where you know you should go help out your kid and yet....the situation proves all the more hilarious if you just sit back and watch! I know...terrrrrrrible...right? :) Well let me tell you the story and we'll see what you would have done.
Last night was reward night for the CFYFC kids for learning their memory and the reward was going to Chuck E. Cheese's for a few hours (free to the kids). After spending time there, I told Troll, lets drive around a bit and look at Christmas lights. We saw some really pretty homes with decorated palm trees (which is kinda funny) and then some not so pretty homes :) We ended the evening after hearing this horrid gagging sound coming from the back of the truck...which just so happened to be A choking on his glow in the dark teeth he had gotten. LOL!!! Anyway....we get home and Troll decides to leave to go get dog food and snacks for the kids' lunches. As he opens up the front door....a cockroach flew in. Now lets just get one thing straight.....I hate them, he hates them....ALL of us hate them!! But I do believe they have to be about the most funny bone creatures on the planet.
Well....said cockroach comes into the house. And said cockroach was spotted by the two younger boys!! And let me tell was on!! They bolted out of their room (one of which was only partially clad in clothes as he'd been getting ready for bed) and yelled, "Mom...there's a cockroach in our room....we think!" I asked if they saw it go in there or if it had gone into the bathroom. (I'm sitting on the couch with the perfect view into their room.) Both boys exclaimed quite enthusiastically, "NO!!! It's in our room!!" I told them to just get the spray and kill it and then informed the scantily clad boy to get his jammies on! Scantily clad boy says, "Mom!! Those things scare me and I'm NOT going in fact...I'm not even SLEEPING in there." I said, O yes you are. He says, "Well then we'll just shut the door." I said, honey, they can get under the door. He says, "Well can they climb?" I said, Yup! (I know...I'm such a horrid mother! Lol) He says, "What can they climb?" I said, fact...if they can't climb it...they will just fly. He gasps and says, "Mom! I'm SO not sleeping in there!" He then runs back to his oldest brothers room and begs him to PLEASE get his jammies out of his room. LOL! Now you know as well as I that we have roaches all pictured like the one below...big enough to carry us away to their nest!

When in actuality...they are like this pic and just want something to eat and a place to live! Right? (Doesn't matter...I still hate them)
So....oldest bother comes out and says, "Mom, he said theres a roach in their room." I said, I know. He's like, "I hate those things." Laughing I said, too! Now please get his jammies like he asked you! Oldest bro looks at me, says, "Mom!", and bolts into the bedroom with a flying leap and makes it onto the closest bed. He yanks open drawers and grabs clothes for scantily clad brother and then gets brave. He's standing on the bed and says, "Hey R....get me the broom and roach spray!" (At this point I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe cause oldest brother is almost 6' tall and has no business being on top of the bed he's on!) All at once the other two boys get brave. They grab the broom, the roach spray and the flashlight and start the search for said roach. Big bro gets down on the floor to attempt looking into the closet where roach has scurried and they carefully open the doors. All at once he screams and flies back up onto the bed and youngest bro comes flying out sobbing. Middle bro scampers out behind him muttering, "Ick I hate those things". And then from the bedroom....on top of the bed that is too little for him to be on, wielding the broom AND the can of roach spray...big bro yells, "Where is DAD??? Man down, man down...where is dad?!!" LOL!!!

I basically lost it at that point and laughed so hard I ended up coughing until I thought I was going to loose my Chuck E. Cheese pizza! And dad, who'd been outside this whole time, walks in and saves us all from the poor little roach that had misjudged the perfect house to enter. :)

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