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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Numb or broke?

Here's a little smile for you 5 days before Christmas.

On my way to and from school...there are numerous crossing guards at numerous crosswalks for the school kids safety. The route that I started taking the kids to school soon became a frustration to me due to the different cross walks and unavoidable jams at a local school and more often than not I was "late" getting the kids to school or getting there to pick them up. So I changed my route and now usually only have to stop on rare occasions for people/kids being safely maneuvered across streets by the crossing guards (which seem to be all cut from the same cutter here!).

Well on my "new" route there is one small area where you have to drive very slow cause of the blinking light meaning there is a school cross walk. No big deal. At first there was a crossing guard there that was pleasant and would wave occasionally if I waved. Pretty soon though... the crossing guard changed into someone else. Now...this someone else is not very pleasant. :) After a few times of seeing this "new" person I decided to wave (beings that I would be passing them 4 times a day). Nothing. I thought, ok, they didn't see me or maybe they just don't like to wave at strangers. Well...we are now in the umpteenth week of school and this crossing guard STILL won't wave at me. (Not that I've tried every day! Lol!) The kids noticed that this person wasn't waving and they even tried to wave....all to no avail. So...the other day...Troll went with me to school cause I had to drop him off at work then. I tell him about the crossing guard. What does Troll do when we pass the C.G? He waves. And what did the C.G. do back? WAVED!! LOL! I couldn't believe it. The kids thought it was hilarious.

So the next day....I thought, ok...I'm going to try waving again. We get to where we had to turn past the C.G and I wave with a huge smile on my face. The C.G. (LITERALLY) turned around and stood with their back to me! LOL!!   I lost it and laughed SO hard! The kid that was sitting in the front seat beside me just shook his head in amazement. E was in the back seat with A and said, "Mom...maybe they didn't see you." I said, Nah...they saw me. And from A's mouth came, "Well  maybe his hands were numb.........or BROKE!" LOL!!!! I've thought of taking him a coffee on those really chilly mornings but I'm afraid it'd get tossed back in my face. Bless his heart!

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